Arkay Pharma is established in 2022 is a marketing,importer,distributor and exporter of pharmaceutical api, chemicals, solvents, excipients and finish formulations.


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Solvents are chemical in nature and can suspend, extract, or dissolve other substances without bringing any change in the chemistry of either the substance or the solvent. Solvents can be classified as inorganic, organic, and green solvents; they are generally grouped as oxygenated solvents, halogenated solvents, and hydrocarbon solvents.

Currently, green solvents are one of the most used solvents in pharmaceutical industry. Various types of solvents used in pharmaceutical industry are: cyclopentyl methyl ether solvents, water, octanoic acid-based supramolecular solvent, n-butanol and acetone, bio-based green solvent disulfides, and eutectic solvents.


Why Choose Arkay Pharma :-

  • our directors have plethora of expirience in the field of import and marketing of the products dealing in api, excipients and solvents.
  • we are known for exceptional loyalty to our customers and suppliers as well as top notch customer service with clear commercials.
  • we are also iso and fssai certified.
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